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Optimizing Your Recovery Strategy

Effectively managing your collection portfolio can be increasingly challenging when faced with uncertainty and a higher volume of delinquencies. With timely notifications of consumer activity, you can quickly respond to profile changes to reduce costs and maximize recoveries.

In this new white paper from Experian, you'll learn why credit-based triggers should be a core requirement for your business.

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Bad Debt is Rising

U.S. consumers are struggling with debt incurred during the pandemic, leaving a brewing storm of bad debt and delinquencies looming on the horizon. In this new eBook from Finvi, you’ll discover the economic factors leading to rising debt, and how technology can help your organization handle the increase as well as make your strategies more effective.

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Seizing the Opportunity in Uncertain Times: The Collections Industry in 2023

Explore the year in detail with this new, in-depth market report from TransUnion, prepared in collaboration with research firm Datos Insight. You'll find insights into ​the trends, challenges and innovations reshaping third-party collections. ​Learn more about what’s currently going on in the industry, where we go from here and how you can best position your organization for the future.

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