SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- CSS, Inc., a leading innovator in financial technology solutions, proudly announces the successful implementation and deployment of its cutting-edge flagship platform, IMPACT Enterprise Financial Cloud Ecosystem, for Santa Clara County.

Santa Clara County has reaffirmed its commitment to technological advancement by systematically replacing legacy platforms with CSS, Inc.'s advanced modules of its financial ecosystem. This strategic transition not only modernizes the county's financial operations, but also significantly enhances efficiency and automation. By integrating CSS's innovative solutions with universally recognized platforms such as EPIC, the county ensures a robust and streamlined financial infrastructure, ultimately fostering better service delivery and improved financial recoveries for the County’s hospitals.

"We are thrilled to bring our financial cloud technologies to Santa Clara County," said Carl Briganti, President and CEO of CSS, Inc. "This implementation is a testament to our dedication to providing a versatile and innovative financial solutions technology stack that meets and exceeds the specific demands of government state and local municipalities, as well as entities in the collections and financial services sectors. Our platform will continue to empower Santa Clara County to operate more efficiently and enhance financial recoveries for the County’s hospitals."

Santa Clara County, often referred to as the "Heart of Silicon Valley," is a region steeped in history and innovation. The county is dedicated to serving and promoting the well-being of its residents through various initiatives and partnerships that foster economic growth. By adopting cutting-edge technology solutions, Santa Clara County continues to lead in progressive governance and public service. With this new financial cloud, the county is poised to further its commitment to providing excellence in services to its citizens and businesses.

Future Innovations with AI Technology Stack

Building on this successful implementation, CSS, Inc. is excited to announce the forthcoming integration of a new AI-embedded technology stack within the IMPACT Enterprise Financial Cloud Ecosystem. This advanced technology will further enhance and scale automation, voice and digital engagement, and advanced cognitive data analysis. It will provide deeper insights through data science analytics, optimizing financial operations to deliver even greater efficiency and service quality.

About Santa Clara County

Santa Clara County, located at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, is known as the center of Silicon Valley. The county is renowned for its high-tech industry, world-class universities, and vibrant cultural scene. With a commitment to innovation and community service, Santa Clara County continues to lead in various sectors, including healthcare, education, and technology.

About CSS, Inc.

CSS, Inc. is a leading provider of financial technology solutions, dedicated to delivering innovative and integrated services that empower businesses across various industries. With a focus on automation, customization, and user-friendly interfaces, CSS, Inc. offers comprehensive financial platforms designed to enhance operational efficiencies and drive business success.

For more information on how CSS’s Financial Cloud can transform your organization’s financial operations, visit or contact us at 877.277.4621.

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